In order for the gallery element to work, please make sure you have properly configured the File Upload Preferences in EE.

The {gallery} tag pair will output the contents of the gallery element.

	{if images}
			Thumbnail: <img src="{thumb}" /><br />
			Original: <img src="{image}" /><br />
			Image type: {extension}<br />
			Image size: {size}<br />
			Image width: {width}<br />
			Image height: {height}<br />
			Caption: {caption}<br />

The following tag pairs are available within your {galllery} tag pair:


This tag pair displays (loops) individual images from your gallery.

The following single variables are available within your {gallery} tag pair:


Returns URL address of the original image.


Returns URL address of the thumbnail.


Returns image caption.


Returns image URL entered by user.


Returns image file type. Supported image file types include:

  • gif
  • png
  • jpg
  • jpeg


Returns image file size, eg. 28.51kB.


Returns image width.


Returns image height.


Sometimes, you might want to use several gallery elements. The {element_name} tag will help you to determine which gallery element is being displayed.

	{if element_name=="Images in Frames"}
		{!-- show gallery with images in frames --}
		{!-- show default gallery styles --}


Returns the current image’s count.


From EE 2.2.0+, you can use this tag provided you set Image Manipulations to “medium” in File Upload Preferences and synchronized images in your folder.

You can use the following parameters with your {images} tag pair:


{images limit="5"}
   {!-- this will show only 5 images --}

This parameter limits the number of images displayed.


{images offset="2"}
   {!-- this will start from second image, first will be skipped --}

This parameter skips the first X images.