In order to perform the Initial Setup, make sure you’re logged in as Super Admin. Now, go to Helpdesk (Add-Ons » Modules » Helpdesk), click on the Module Settings button located in the top-right corner of the screen and choose E-mail Notifications Settings.


You can customize the text of e-mail notifications sent to clients and agents.

Notifications to agents include:

  • New ticket created —sent to all agents when a new ticket is created by a client. By default, the New ticket created notification is disabled so you can to avoid sending notifications upon initial download when all your old messages will be downloaded. If the notification would be enabled, all your old clients would receive a notification. Once you properly configure Helpdesk and download all emails for the first time, you can enable this setting.
  • Ticket assigned to you —sent to agent when a ticket has been assigned to him
  • Ticket answered —this is usually a simple e-mail with client’s reply

Notifications to clients include:

  • New ticket created —sent to the client who created the ticket
  • Ticket closed —sent when a ticket is closed
  • Ticket answered —this is usually a simple e-mail with agent’s reply

When you install Helpdesk for the first time, you will find sample e-mail notifications. Feel free to modify them or disable (by unchecking the Enable notification checkbox) as needed.

Warning: We advice you to keep the {ticket_id} in the Subject field, so that we can pair your e-mail communication properly. Even though we use other e-mail pairing methods as well, this is a preventer for a few old e-mail clients.

Responsible Agents

You can select member groups which members will receive e-mail notification when a new ticket is created. This list contains only those member groups that have access to Helpdesk add-on. See installation instructions for more information on how to give access to other member groups.