In order to perform the Initial Setup, make sure you’re logged in as Superadmin. Now, go to Helpdesk (Add-Ons » Modules » Helpdesk), click on the Module Settings button located in the top-right corner of the screen and choose Custom Fields Settings.

Along with built-in fields, you can use custom fields to gather and store additional information in your tickets. Built-in fields include:

  • Client Name
  • Client E-mail
  • Summary (subject)
  • Issue (message)

When downloading messages (tickets) via e-mail, only built-in fields will be filled-in. Custom fields will come handy when you create a ticket from Helpdesk (control panel) or through a Stand-Alone Ticket Form.

When you install Helpdesk for the first time, you’ll find a few sample custom fields. You can change, delete or create additional custom fields as needed.

Warning: If you delete a custom field, all data stored in this field will be lost. This applies to all tickets.