Helpdesk is not meant to compete with ZenDesk (, LiveSupport, HelpSpot or other dedicated customer support apps).

These apps include lots of features aimed at power users and “hardcore” customer support personnel, while Helpdesk is rather for teams who are looking for a simple, intuitive and user friendly alternative created for ExpressionEngine.

Helpdesk includes all the general features you will need to handle customer support, including ticket creation from e-mail or through the web (using a SATF form), automatic e-mail threading, replies by e-mail or through the control panel, ticket assignment, ticket status control and categorization.

Apart from hosted customer support solutions where you pay for each agent, Helpdesk requires you to purchase a one-time license and does not require you to pay fees for individual agents.

If you’re a small to medium sized team looking to handle regular customer support enquiries, then Helpdesk might be the right tool for you.

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