Here’s how our Helpdesk add-on works:

  1. once you install Helpdesk, you will enter your email login details so that Helpdesk can check your inbox on a regular basis
  2. as soon as you receive an email in your inbox, Helpdesk will “catch” it and display in the list of “tickets”
  3. basically the tickets received via e-mail or submitted through the form look and act the same and you reply to them through the same interface
  4. Helpdesk does not store tickets in regular channels but rather in own database table (for better speed optimization). The database table gets created upon installation of Helpdesk so you won’t even notice the data is stored in its own structure
  5. If you decide to publish any ticket into channel entry, you can do so directly from the Ticket detail page — by clicking the button Publish Ticket and choose a category you wish to assign the ticket into
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